Climate Change is a topic that not only will shape some of the biggest developments in science and technology of the 21st Century, but also focus the minds of legislators, central bankers, consumers, companies and investors alike for at least a generation. To learn more about its history and the role of markets and investors in what happens next, we invite you to join Candriam Academy, the world’s first free-to-access accredited training platform for sustainable and responsible investing.

Candriam Academy aims to raise the awareness, education and knowledge of investors and financial intermediaries on the topic of sustainable and responsible investing via an innovative online platform of inspiring and actionable content and materials.

In only one hour, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • The distinction between climate change and global warming and their causes
  • How the main sources of green house emissions evolved over time
  • The Paris Agreement: how did we get here and how will it work?
  • The principles around the carbon credit system and the “dirty 100” responsible for about 70% of greenhouse emissions globally

And don’t hesitate to visit the other modules dedicated to history of ESG investing, regulation, circular economy…