Investing in global trends

Secular trends outperform over the long run: 

Why Thematic Investing?

Long-termTrends Creating Value: Thematic portfolios can increase exposure to a particular theme or trend. This allows investors to increase their allocation to powerful value-creating trends, and to trends which concern them individually - healthcare, ageing, demographic trends.

The Right Definition: Thematic strategies can offer specific and granular investments to enhance asset allocations with a 'core-satellite' approach. Thematic strategies go beyond sector funds. Thematics are defined by the investment theme and can pursue opportunities across traditional or index sector definitions.

Focused Investment Managers: Thematic portfolios are able to invest in more names within a trend, enhancing the ability to profit from that trend.

The Candriam Difference

Powerful Themes: Candriam offers a carefully-curated range of thematic global equity strategies to help clients invest in the trends and companies of tomorrow. We address growing and ageing populations through game-changing technologies via our Climate Change, Demographic, Oncology Impact, Biotech, Robotics and Leading Brands strategies.

Candriam's investment processes are global, and unfettered by historical or inflexible investment industry category definitions. Each investment universe is carefully defined, but can range across industry boundaries to encompass the totality of the target theme.

Thematic investing can involve a high concentration of market-sensitive names or a high concentration in a single industry. At any point in time, these areas may be either in favour or out of favour in financial markets. Long market experience is necessary to invest with conviction when managing thematic portfolios. Candriam's Thematic Investment Team is a balanced mix of experienced thematic investors alongside state-of-the-art experts who are close to the science and the consumer trends. As of January 2019, they managed Euro 3 billion in thematic equity portfolios.
Our portfolio managers are experienced in investing not only in established main-stream companies, but also in new, not-yet-profitable companies and technologies.

Head of Thematic Global Equity Management
Senior Equity Fund Manager

Conviction-Based and Responsible Investing:
 since 2005, Candriam's Thematic Investment Team has applied our time-tested proprietary approach to fundamental equity research, analysing and grading each candidate on five categories, comprising quality of management, business growth, competitive advantages, value creation and financial leverage, in coordination with our internal SRI Research Department. The Team members are experienced in equity valuations of not-yet-profitable companies , as well as in the scientific and commercial prospects of their areas.