Candriam’s commitment to sustainable and responsible investment takes many different forms. The company supported initiatives for a sustainable economy, addressed industry events, and developed investment strategies that protect the environment. 

“A number of factors are essential for delivering sustained added value – and they go beyond the numbers. For Candriam, the key to delivering competitive returns is to show Conviction and Responsibility, the values embedded in our name. They apply not only in our dealings with clients, but also in our relationship with employees, the environment and the communities we serve.”

Employees that care about social inclusion

Candriam makes donations to a number of charities chosen by the company’s employees every year under its ‘Helping Those Who Help’ campaign. The focus was on charities that make social inclusion a central part of their work, particularly in countries where Candriam has a presence. Operating since 2001, Helping Those Who Help has supported more than 150 projects. Candriam employees have a major role in the programme, with nine members of staff on the selection committee.

Get a glimps of our charity projects 


Meet the 8 charities supported in 2019

Want to know more about these charities?


Le Fonds Ngangi - Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo)

  • education, training and entrepreneurship

During the 3 weeks Summer School, thirty 18-year-olds follow courses in French, Maths and IT and form their own mini-company. They meet local business professionals, learn all about companies and social projects, take part in debates and team-building activities, etc.


Kinderfonds de Tondeldoos - Dendermonde (Belgium)

  • combats child poverty and social exclusion

"Let children shine", gives around 100 needy children the chance to join a sports club. Our mission: give each child a much needed bicycle to join the sports club.


Bras dessus Bras dessous & Buurt Pensioen - Brussels (Belgium)

  • make senior citizens an integral part of the life of the neighbourhood, resulting in a better home life

This is how we help:

  • Train volunteers and members
  • Hand out flowers and ask to pass them on to an elderly person from the neighbourhood
  • Organise afternoon snacks
  • Give participants a box of chocolates to share with their neighbours
  • Organise a 3-day stay at the seaside.


CAF Onlus - Milan (Italy)

  • combats child abuse and negligence

The charity’s premises are in need of renovation so that they welcome children to perfectly salubrious premises. The cosy places will meet the children’s needs to feel at ease!


La Gamelle de Jaurès - Paris (France)

  • helps immigrants with food and emergency lodging to minors and women

The charity wants to change the status of "emergency lodging" to simply "lodging" by renting a flat for a dozen unaccompanied foreign minors throughout the year.


Impulsion75 - Paris (France)

  • combats early school leaving, arranging coaching sessions

The charity organises classes for young people from 16 to 25 to prepare for training or a job.


Bottom Line - Boston, Chicago, NYC (USA), Worcester (UK)

  • helps first-generation students from low-income families go to university, get a degree and good job

The "Success" programme for 2019-2020 provides personalised and pertinent advice to 10 students.


Il Balzo - Milan (Italy)

  • helps children and adults with Down syndrome and autism

With “Being able to be me”, Il Balzo seeks to provide (a) quality leisure-time activities for handicapped children and teenagers, and (b) parents and other carers a well-deserved break.